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Mobile Med is a wonderful service. I got a call back immediately and received great care. I would definitely recommend their services!


Spoke with Dr. LaFountaine on the phone about treatments for dehydration and how they could best serve that kind of issue. Dr. LaFountaine took the time to speak with me and address all of my questions and concerns and was very kind. I felt so much better after speaking with him! So glad to have such a wonderful service here in Columbus. Really brings me peace of mind.


Son needed both the Rapid and PCR Tests within 72 hrs of going to another country for Grad School Scholarship. Mobile Med made it happen for him and we are so appreciate and grateful for their responsive quick visit to our home and the info and testing he needs to fly to another country.

Nancy Kay

I cannot recommend the Worthington based company Mobile Med enough. We were concerned that my two daughters had strep and my husband was feeling crummy on mother’s day. I did not want to spend mother’s day sitting in an urgent care surrounded by other germs so I called Mobile Med. It was such a great experience! The doctor came TO OUR HOUSE soon after my call and evaluated all three of my family members. He was very patient and thorough. Strep tests were given. Fortunately they were negative and the doctor provided advice on how best to treat their symptoms. Overall, he was at the house for approximately an hour. The cost was very reasonable, and certainly less than it would have been at urgent care. He even called several days later to check up on everyone. Love this service and highly recommend that everyone consider calling them instead of going to urgent care.

Angela M.

Mobile Med returned my call within minutes and was able to come to my home the same day to test my family (2 adults, 2 kids under 6) for active Covid-19 and Covid-19 antibodies. I’m grateful for their prompt response to my concerns and the information they provided to my family. The app made it very easy to communicate directly with the healthcare provider and made payment a breeze! I recommend using Mobile Med to anyone who is interested in convenient and compassionate non-emergency medical care.


A dog bite on the whole dropping my dogs off on my way to the airport. Pressed for time we called Mobile Med! Dr Greg was there within 20 minutes, did his thing and I picked up my antibiotic and made it in time to catch my plane! Thanks Mobile Med for the quickness and convenience! I definitely recommend!


PSA for moms: Sick on a weekend is never fun, especially when you have 3 kids. With absolutely no energy and a horrible headache and sore throat, leaving my house sounded horrible. I reached out to Mobile Med this morning and received wonderful care from my couch, still wrapped in blankets 🙂 They were able to test me for both flu and strep. Turns out, positive for flu B 🤒

I love the aspect of a house call. It was really convenient and affordable. I highly recommend Mobile Med.


Mobile Med was there when we needed them. There response was awesome. They care about you as a patient as is evident with the follow-up phone calls to see how we were doing. I highly recommend and will use Mobile Med in the future!

Pastor Jonathan Bull,

Mobile Med helped us out when my daughter got swimmer’s ear for the 6th time in two years. Loading up my kids and waiting around at the doctor’s office was not ideal for our schedule that day, so Mobile Med was the perfect solution. He was responsive, courteous and arrived quickly. He even called in the prescription while he was still at our house so by the time I got to the pharmacy it was ready for pickup. I would definitely use this service again!

Erin H.

We had an awesome experience with Mobile Med. my son was sick and getting close to his bedtime. Did not feel like getting him in the car, going to urgent care and then stopping at the pharmacy. They came to the house very quickly and then I went to the pharmacy right after. My son was much more relaxed in his own house. Great experience!

Joseph Freeman

I needed to get a sports physical for my son and we had a short window to get it done. They were prompt to respond and able to make the visit quickly. Pricing was the same or less that I would have paid elsewhere. I would definitely utilize this service again and highly recommend.


I had a wonderful experience with MobileMed614. Quick response time plus I was able to avoid going into the Dr. office at a time which was not convenient for my work schedule. Great service! I’m glad they are in my phone for future!


We had a wonderful experience with Mobile Med. So professional and helpful. We are very impressed with this service. Thank you so much 


Excellent, last minute solve for my lack of planning!! Extraordinary profession, great communication from appointment booking through time of arrival. Pricing was the same as I would have paid if I would have gone to a close-to-home center. Highly recommended!!

Brenda Bennett

Very responsive and helpful! They continued to follow up/check in until I was feeling completely better. Great service!

Shelby S.

I needed to get a physical for my daughter and with our schedules could not find the time to get to the doctor. I called mobile med Friday they came out Monday night did her physical. The doctor was great and it was quick. Well worth and will use again.


Mobile Med is the best! I highly recommend using them. Very professional and convenient.  So grateful for this company!

Kori Manus

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