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We started as a convenient way to get urgent care services – and now we’re offering primary care!

Providing comprehensive, one-on-one care, same-day house calls, our primary service offers things like annual physicals, medication maintenance, and preventative care. Improved access to our providers will ensure you are receiving the best care possible, and spend less time in a waiting room.

Our providers have extensive experience working in primary care and family medicine. You can meet our Primary Care Medical Director here.

Available in monthly plans with options for individuals and families, our primary care services offer flexibility and direct access to providers that will ensure you receive the best care possible. Additionally, Mobile Med uses an app called Spruce to schedule house calls, communicate with patients, conduct telemedicine calls and provide test results. You can download Spruce here.

Mobile Med will also help determine if you need more extensive care or testing, and we’ll refer you to a specialist or even the emergency room if needed.

Primary Care Service Covers Things Like:

  • Annual physicals
  • Preventative care/counseling on major health concerns like stroke, heart attacks, cancer, etc.
  • Health coaching for lifestyle improvements like weight loss, lowering blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Management of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid conditions and high cholesterol
  • Note: Chronic pain management is not offered by Mobile Med
  • Management of depression or anxiety​
  • Coordination of care with specialists

Insurance Statement:

Mobile Med does not contract with health insurance companies.

Our providers can accept credit cards, including health savings (HSA).

We can also provide an invoice/completed claim form for potential health insurance reimbursement.

Primary Care Team

(left to right)

Jacqueline Miller, APRN-CNP

Bethany Recker, MD (Mobile Med Primary Care Medical Director)

Gregory LaFontaine, PA-C

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