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Where’s your office located?

We don’t have one! Because the Mobile Med providers come to you we don’t really need to have an office. We’re based in Worthington, Ohio but treat patients throughout Central Ohio.

What if I’m at work and I’d like some privacy from my co-workers for the visit?

We’d recommend a conference room, office with a closed door or other empty room if you’d like some privacy at work. We get it. We know how to be discreet.

I’m in town because I’m traveling for work. Can you come to my hotel for my appointment?

Absolutely, though we’d prefer to meet you in the lobby of the hotel or another semi-public space.

Is Mobile Med like Teledoc?

We’re a little like Teledoc. You get to stay at home or work, but most of the time we prefer to come to you instead of over the phone or video conference. We think it’s usually better to provide treatment in person. We get better assessments of your vitals (like pulse, blood pressure, listen to your airways, etc.) but when we see you in person we’ll notice other signs and symptoms too. For example, did you know strep throat has a distinctive smell on your breath? You don’t pick up on that over a video chat.


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