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COVID-19 Testing & Services

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test: $150

Each additional antigen test at the same location: $125

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COVID-19 PCR Test: $150

Each additional PCR test at the same location: $125 ​

COVID-19 Antibody Test: $150

Each additional antibody test at the same location $125

The Rapid & PCR tests will determine if you are currently experiencing a COVID-19 infection. Please be aware there are a considerable number of people who have experienced an asymptomatic infection, meaning some patients have experienced very mild (or even no) symptoms. The COVID-19 nasal swabs (Rapid & PCR Tests) are meant to determine active infections, while the blood draw (Antibody Test) will determine if you have already had a COVID-19 infection and have developed antibodies in response to recovering from the virus.

Available only through a house call, Mobile Med will conduct a nasal swab to determine if you are experiencing a COVID-19 infection. We can also take a blood sample to conduct an antibody presence test, which will help determine a previous infection. The Rapid Antigen Test will give us results within 15 minutes of testing, while the PCR sample will be sent to Core Bio Lab with results delivered in 24 – 72 hours. The blood sample for the Antibody Test will be sent to Quest Diagnostic Laboratory, with results available within 24 hours. Mobile Med will contact you with results from any test, including further instructions or recommendations.

The Mobile Med provider will arrive wearing personal protective equipment and will instruct you on how to minimize risk for you and your family.


Additional Information:

If testing determines you have a COVID-19 infection, Mobile Med will report the results to the Ohio Department of Health and/or Center for Disease Control on your behalf.

Mobile Med can provide proof of testing results if requested by your employer, as well as discuss a return to work protocol.

The results of any test should not be used solely to alter your social distancing practices and you will still need to follow federal & state health guidelines. Further scientific studies are needed before we can determine the degree of immunity and the duration of protection.

Please contact a Mobile Med provider if you have any questions.


1. CDC COVID-19 Serology Testing

2. Quest Diagnostics Information on Serology Testing

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